For those of who design shoes, the small piece of the Magical cloth would make " interior of the shoes " different.
It would be nicer if you would also use our cloth for the lining.  It would be unique and health-oriented " interior decoration inside the shoes" through the Magical Cloth. You could wear shoes with your barefoot  while you step on the nature.  They say feet are your 2nd heart, so they prefer natural touch !

第二の心臓と言われる足を包むシューズ 人間の住むインテリア環境の重要性と同じように シューズ内の環境は健康のバロメータの一つと想います。
Foot-terior(フットテリア)、和紙=WASHI = W ”ASHI"=W(double u, 2つ) - 足 こんな言葉いかがでしょうか? Washiと2本の足 つながっているようです!

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