Dear Itoi-san

This is Yugen Yamauchi.


On every Monday, I start making breads from 2:30AM and continue standing almost for 12 hours with my wife.  She used to feel so much tiring from an evening but quite surprisingly she doesn’t feel so with Washi-socks on !

Because we keep standing for almost 14 hours to make natural yeast breads, it is obvious that we get tired. We used to put heating pads on our soles. However since we start wearing your washi-socks, we somehow don't feel tired even after long hours' standing.

I have promoted Rakkenho( type of Yoga ) , which the couple step on the mutual body on their barefoot soles. If you wear the regular socks, it would be slippery for you to keep the balance. Wearing washi-socks could solve not only this problem but also could make person who is stepped on by the pertner feel better because some people show the hesitant to be stepped on by the "barefoot " specially when they wear T-shirts. They said they felt good through the touch of washi-cloth ! Since then, I started recommending this washi-socks to our members.

Since this summer, I teach Rakukenho twice a month in Fukyuuin, Nara-city. I have promoted this exercise and natural yeast breads for almost half century. The Japanese popular magazine called "croissant " would feature my bread acitivity on the coming Feb.10th issue !

I do beleive your commitment to circulate washi-cloth through the world would be come true very successfully in near future. More we see anti-ecological movement , people would pay more atttention to real things like yours as the natural reaction !

Best Wishes,

Yugen Yamanouchi




     Yugen Yamanouchi , chief
              Iwaresan Tokoji-temple Nara

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